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unparallel in quality and design. The Walls acts as a protective shield against the harshest of elements and goes without saying that 2 walls are better than 1- the use of our highly durable materials make this a very warm force to be reckoned with. The cabin is designed to be the ideal size for both leisure and commercial use whether it be a large summer house to relax in or a quiet comfortable and professional office to work and liaise with clients in without the inconvenience and relatively high cost of building an extension moving house or renting office space. Our standard designs will satisfy virtually any requirements and represent a combination of quality and value. All our cabins are manufactured from sustainable resources. The Office boasts superior roof and floor insulation plus fully double glazed windows for storing warmth and reducing sound. Tight interlocking logs produce an extremely sturdy structure that's comprised of not one but two 28mm wall layers with foam and aluminium foil sandwiched intelligently in between. Such expert insulation makes your office akin to toasty toast keeping all the warmth inside without the need for excessive heating when the weather's less than temperate - yet still reflecting surplus warmth to keep you cool and collected on days when its hot.
Come and see our magnificent show village in Norway! . of rent for your tiny office ? Whether you are currently working for yourself are considering doing so or you simply need a bolt hole away from the noise and chaos of the home to get your thoughts together game we have the perfect solution for you - a made to measure home office!

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